it sets a stage

for a conversation with friends

that starts with wine

and courses

too numerous and rich to recount

each building on the one past

enfolding us


stretching thru the long night

past the point where

later bottles of wine took us

pouring from our hearts

our lives

of pleasure and pain


to various deep discussions

the subject of which

did not matter, as much

as the thoughtful



from which the dialogue grew


so that years later


was the memory 

that remained

in the shadows

of this grand

red room 


John Marx 2014

Upon entering 

the deep venetian red

of the wall

is almost overpowering


both ancient and mysterious

the room is filled with

wooden ship models

random flatware

old paintings


it seems like this restaurant

has existed from before

the city was settled

or even before 

our continent was drawn on a map

in a foreign land


it pulls us in.

to another time

where the solid earth mattered

and things where made by hand

with care


this eclectic collection of